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The high-brow trend

A growing trend through 2013 is the super high brow made famous by royal trendsetter Kate Middleton. Whilst many ladies are unable to access make-up artists to achieve this slick look there is another way to get a temporary ‘super brow’.

Rather than go under the knife, non-invasive surgery is the safe option providing natural non-permanent results. We at The Aura Clinic have found that there is a growing popularity amongst young women coming in for our non-surgical brow lift procedure.

The treatment for this look includes a highly selective application of botulinum-based muscle relaxing injections that produce an altered agonist-antagonist balance within the muscles of the upper face, achieving a youthful, revitalised brow line and forehead.

The high brow trend may not be here forever, so rather than going permanent, opt for a non-surgical procedure to get you the Middleton makeover without the high risk. The key is subtlety within our non-invasive procedure, which lasts between six to ten months depending on the individual.

Another benefit of this procedure is that there is hardly any time needed to recover, a lower chance of complications, no scars, and a far lower cost.

Coming new to The Aura Clinic very soonnon-surgical eyebrow lifts using the revolutionary Silhouette Soft® suture technology.

Launched at the 11th Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress in Monaco 2013, this suture technology is a refinement of the well-established Silhouette Lift® suture (used since 6 years) in the sense that it is a fully absorbable stitch which can produce effective upper face, mid-face, jawline and neck lifts within a one-hour procedure that does not need a general anaesthetic.

You can find more information about this technology on www.silhouette-soft.com. Please check back on our blog, website, or facebook page (www.facebook.com/theauracliniclondon), for updates about this exciting new procedure soon to be introduced at The Aura Clinic London, or enquire at our clinic by telephone/email.

If you are considering any kind of treatment, we recommend thorough research of the procedure beforehand. Should you require professional advice, please email our aesthetic doctors at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 203 398 1524 to request a call-back. We will be delighted to assist you.