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Cheek Volume Contour

Volumising, enhancing and re-contouring of the midface (cheeks & temporal area) are quick, safe & effective treatments that can both address facial ageing & enhance facial beauty.

The key process in facial ageing in the midface are:

• Loss of volume (mainly of the deep fat compartments).

• Downward sagging (ptosis) of midface fat compartments.

• Loss of skin elasticity & texture.

Injection of a medium density hyaluronic acid dermal filler can be directly injected into the midface to create volume, enhance the higher parts of the cheek bones, and to a great degree eliminate areas of hollowness under the eyes (tear troughs).
If the aim is to “beautify”, volume can be sculpted into the upper cheeks to create the high and full cheekbone look.

If the aim is to address ageing, the main objective is to identify the specific areas of volume loss, and to restore these without over-volumising.

Restoring volume & contour to the temples (temporal fossae) can address an often missed cause of ageing in suitable patients.

In many patients with age-related facial volume loss, volumisng the cheeks  & cheekbones without addressing volume loss in the temples can produce an incomplete anti-ageing result.

Rejuvenation of the midface can be central to rejuvenation of the face as a whole, often more than any other single procedure.

The dermal fillers we use for midface enhancement are usually Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Sub-Q.

These products contain a small dose of anaesthetic in them, which means discomfort during the procedure is minimised, and no additional time is usually needed for the application of topical or local anaesthetic.

Where sagging of midface volume is significant or too advanced, we would recommend reading about Silhouette Soft® non surgical facelifts, in our Face Couture™ section.

Price: from £500

Treatment time: approx. 30 mins