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Nancy Dell’Olio says Cosmetic Surgery “Twice a year is perfect”

Nancy Dell’Olio says twice yearly trips to the cosmetic surgeon for botox injections, lip enhancements or dermal fillers is perfect.
The 50 year old former fashion model and lawyer was recently asked if she had undergone lip volumisation. She confirmed that non-surgical lip enhancements were her secret and said: “we must always do little things to take care of ourselves which prevent doing major work later on, like facials and even a little Botox when you need it.”

Miss Dell’Olio went on: “it’s something you can do without going too major and you still look like yourself. There’s nothing wrong with Botox, as long as you have the right doctor and the right measurement. Twice a year is perfect.’

At the Aura Clinic we regularly perform botox injections to relax muscles of the face to effectively eliminate wrinkles, but effects wear off usually between 4-6 months. A trend that has been well noted however is that, over time, Botox injections seem to last longer. So while effects may last 6 months in patients new to botox, after 3 or 4 years of treatment it can be seen to last for a year or more in many patients. The exact reason is not known. So we never advise patients that they will need it twice a year, they simply return for repeat treatment once they see the effects beginning to wear off.

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