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Cosmetic surgery fads, are they worth the risk?

Every week we hear of new technologies and new treatments which claim to be revolutionary or the next big thing.

Recently CO2 (carbon dioxide) injections were being hailed as ‘the new botox’. This new treatment is promoted as carboxytherapy – said to eliminate wrinkles, dark under-eye circles and fade scars. Scientific based reports commented that CO2 persuades the body it is lacking in oxygen, which prompts a release of oxygen into the blood, improving circulation in the area.  Many experts have raised questions as to where the evidence lays within its effectiveness.

The Aura Clinic London’s facial rejuvenation expert Dr Dayal Mukherjee has a clear view on this: “There is  no definitive evidence at present to prove its effect, but even the scientific theory would appear to be unsound and without depth.”

When considering any treatment, you should be careful not to just jump on the bandwagon and fall for the publicity. Many are yet to be fully scientifically tested for side-effects or for sufficient evidence of their success rates.

We at The Aura Clinic London cannot urge people enough to be vigilant of new unproven rejuvenation procedures as the full range of their effects are likely to be unknown.

We encourage patients to thoroughly research any treatment they are thinking of receiving. Online research can be very helpful, but sometimes questions can remain unanswered. The Aura Clinic London welcomes any such queries, and we can be reached via email at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 203 398 1524. You will receive a response from one of our aesthetic doctors who would be happy to advise.