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Aura Clinic London invited to teach at the Royal Society of Medicine Interventional Cosmetics Group Annual Meeting 2015.

Aura Clinic London invited to teach at the Royal Society of Medicine Interventional Cosmetics Group Annual Meeting 2015.

28th February 2015, London

The Royal Society of Medicine (London) hosts an annual meeting for aesthetic medicine and surgery. Delegates range from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic physicians, and cosmetic dentists.

This meeting is unique in many respects (notwithstanding its historical setting), foremost because of the academic, evidence-based focus in the lectures and presentations it hosts, as well as its commercial impartiality.

Aura Clinic London director Dr. Dayal Mukherjee had the pleasure of teaching delegates about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for facial rejuvenation, with a live patient demonstration of the procedure using the Regen PRP system.

Platelet-rich plasma is a cutting edge therapy for the rejuvenation and revitalisation of skin, using the body’s own regenerative cells re-injected into the facial skin. This procedure has been used for decades in other areas of medicine and surgery, to promote healing and repair, but it is ideally suited as a therapy for regenerating the skin. It has been popularised in recent times by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. As well as popularity, recent gains have also been achieved in the technology used to extract and deliver the cells from the patient’s own blood into the skin. The Regen PRP kit provides an efficient closed-system (airtight) delivery, this means the patient’s extracted cells are not exposed to the atmosphere at any point of time between leaving the patient’s bloodstream and being re-injected into the skin. For more information, visit our PRP page.

As a barometer of current aesthetic thinking and expert opinion, this meeting affirmed the emerging importance of several other less common procedures for anti-ageing rejuvenation of the face and neck, including the importance of reducing masseter muscle bulk in the ageing face, as well as using Silhouette Soft absorbable stitches to re-suspend sagging areas of the face and neck which previously could only be addressed by surgery. These are all clinically effective and safe procedures when performed in suitable patients by a trained doctor. At Aura Clinic London we have offered these procedures since before they became so celebrated, and we do take some pride in being able to foresee innovative procedures and concepts, within stringent criteria, to offer the very best to our patients.

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