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10 Harley Street,

London. W1G 9PF

t: 0207 299 0389


The Aura Clinic London® is the product of a philosophy that arises from the Hippocratic Oath and places you, our patient, at the centre of our efforts and intentions.

All our aesthetic practitioners are without exception medically qualified doctors with significant surgical experience. Our doctors take ownership of the treatment they provide you. Not only do we invite you back for a review of your treatment and results, but your aesthetic doctor also provides you his/her direct contact details before you leave the clinic, so you have the peace of mind of knowing who to contact should you have any questions or concerns in the hours and days immediately after your treatment. We place ethics at the centre of our practice, and we place paramount importance on your wishes and the trust that you place with us when you visit, whether for treatment or consultation.

We treat your clinical documents and information with the utmost confidentiality, and seek your explicit permission before using them for any purpose other than your care.

We give you our assurance of the highest standards of quality and safety in the aesthetic industry. We use United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clearance as a benchmark for the medical products & devices we use, and where this is not possible

we seek evidence of the highest standard of quality & safety in the aesthetic industry.

We have always obtained all injectable products, including dermal fillers, on prescription as per the recent recommendations of the Keogh review.

We also strive for excellence in what we do, and to ensure that we can offer you the latest knowhow and foremost technologies, the clinic has an assured attendance at the world's premier congresses and academic meetings in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

The key difference we provide at the Aura Clinic London is that we give you time to understand, time to think, and time to get the right result for you.


The clinic’s founder and director, Dr. Dayal Mukherjee, graduated in Medicine & Surgery from Guy’s, King’s & St. Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, (King’s College London) in 2008. He subsequently gained a Master’s degree in Surgical Technology from Imperial College London in 2010.

He is actively involved in surgical research with many publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has contributed to textbooks in medical and surgical education.

In 2006 he was awarded the Preiskel Prize from the Royal College of Surgeons of England for his research work as a medical student.

As director of the The Aura Clinic London® he is routinely present and participating in the world's foremost national & international conferences in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine.

He is one of the first aesthetic doctors in the UK to be trained in one-hour, scarless, non-surgical facelifts using Silhouette Soft® absorbable suture technology: a no-scar procedure that uses polylactic acid stitches under local anaesthesia to easily lift areas such as the mid-face, jawline, eyebrows, and neck with minimal trauma.

His particular interest is in devising tailored non-surgical combination treatment strategies for both everyday and complex cosmetic presentations, with the following niche areas:

• Midface rejuvenation

• Re-contouring lip enhancement

• Non-surgical eyebrow lifts

• Nose reshaping

• Neck & jowl rejuvenation

• Global facial rejuvenation in men

He puts anatomic facial analysis at the centre of his practice, and is non-compromising on precise detail as well as clinical & ethical standards.

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